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"How do I get a loan?"

  • "You can inquire from the web, come into the store or give us a call for your over the phone approval!"


"What do I need to get approved?"

  • 1. "You need a driver's license or government approved Photo ID, A 2nd piece of Government ID. "
  • 2. "You will need to bring in a Current Phone Bill with correct address and a second piece of mail recieved at your address."
  • 3. "3 Months of continuous employment, and your 2 most recent paystubs. "
  • 4. "Your last 60 days of bank transactions updated to todays date."
  • 5. "Blank cheque or Pre-Authorized Debit form."

"Do you give quotes for gold over the phone?"

  • "No. The reason we don't is, we pay based on the current internet price the moment you come in. We will give a FREE estimate and a cash offer on the spot!"


"If I want to sell Gold or Silver, What do you buy?"

  • "Rings, Chains, Necklaces, Bracelets, Single Earrings or just bring it in for a free evaluation!"
  • "Current market price offered, to recycle your unwanted items."
  • "Whole, Broken, Old or New, The condition doesn't matter."

 "You might be surprised how much your old jewelry can be worth.

  Clean out those unwanted items and turn them into CASH!"


"I have a friend that needs a loan."

  • "We give 'Referral Incentives', ask one of our representatives what we can do for you!"


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